A Few Telltale Signs That You Could Need a Tooth Extraction

It’s probably not something you were wanting to hear the dentist to tell you, but if your dentist is letting you know that you may need a tooth extraction, then it is probably for a very good reason. There are several issues that can bring about the need to extract a tooth, and it is normally the last-ditch response, as most dentists will try to save the tooth before they resort to pulling it.

In bad enough cases, however, a tooth may be required to be remove due to infection, as removing the culprit would prevent it from spreading the infection to other teeth, which could lead to further and more major complications down the road.

Here are some of the main reasons why your dentist might recommend that you have a certain tooth (or teeth) extracted.

Pain That Won’t Reside

While pain in a tooth doesn’t always lead to an extraction, it is certainly an indicator that something is wrong. If your tooth is still bothering you after you go through the process of treating it in other ways, such as through a filling, a crown, or a root canal, then it may not be able to be saved.

This could be due to the tooth being too badly infected or damaged, in which case, the best bet for your continued oral health is removing the problem tooth.

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Dental Overcrowding

Dental overcrowding is when you have more teeth in your mouth than can fit properly, which can result in your teeth looking crooked due to their displacement. Removing a few of them could help your dentist straighten your teeth out, leading to a healthy, straight smile.

If you have been experiencing some of these issues or maybe something completely different, you could find yourself as a candidate for a tooth extraction. It is a relatively simple and painless process these days, and if your dentist recommended it, then you should look into tooth extraction near me bluff city oral professionals so you can get the problematic teeth removed and get on with your life.