Self-Medication Not Always A Good Idea

Because you think it is calming your nerves for now, drinking and smoking is actually not a good idea. It is definitely not self-medication and it is actually intoxicating. Instead of calming your nerves down, you end up with more anxious feelings and cravings. It is a never-ending cycle. Until one day high levels of stress and anxiety. Fortunately for many sufferers, psychiatric medication management saint johns should work.

This becomes necessary when a patient has reached that point of no return. Lifestyle habits, bad and unhealthy habits at that, led to the quickening of the condition, no matter what was diagnosed. It could even have been something that had been lying dormant for quite a number of years. And now that it has been discovered, it must come out. But of course, this will take time. The more severe the diagnosed condition, the more likely it will be that the patient will be kept in therapy for longer.

Weeks or months. And in the interim, prescribed psychiatric medication may be required. It may be the only way for the patient to heal. And always just remember that only a registered and practicing clinical psychiatrist may issue prescriptions. But in certain instances, there will be appropriately qualified clinical psychologists who could make that call. Hormone replacement therapy for transgendered women is one such example.

psychiatric medication management saint johns

But for high levels of stress and anxiety, clinical depression especially, time well spent with the clinical psychiatrist will help him to determine what form of medication his patient requires. Try as you might, whether through alcohol and/or narcotics, or over the counter remedies, also purchased online, virtually freely available, self-medication is never a good idea. You will end up doing more harm than good.

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