Colors That Attract Mosquitoes

While many people don’t know much about mosquitoes they know that they are quite annoying. We have been told many things about mosquitoes, including that they are attracted to those with sweeter blood, but some of these I’ve turned out to be myths.

One fact within all of the myths is that mosquitoes are attracted to certain colors. But what are these colors and what should we wear if we want to avoid getting bitten?

Mosquitoes & Colors

Many people have wondered if mosquitoes can see color, but this has not been confirmed. One thing is for sure, though, and that is that mosquitoes tend to avoid light because it dehydrates them. For this reason it makes sense for mosquitoes to look for individuals that are wearing darker colors versus individuals that are wearing lighter colors.


If black as your main color of choice when it comes to going outdoors, you might consider something different if you are going into a place that has plenty of mosquitoes. While mosquito control services in Saint Simons Island can help you avoid mosquito bites, you will still be more of a magnet to mosquitoes by wearing dark colors such as black.

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There are several reasons black is attractive to mosquitoes and one of the reasons is because they’re in tennis since heat. Because darker colors trap heat you are more likely to be discovered by mosquitoes when you are wearing darker colors.

Repelling Colors

While black and other dark colors can attract mosquitoes there are some colors that can actually repel mosquitoes. Lighter colors will work for this, including colors like pastel yellow, beige, khaki, soft gray, and white. These colors also help keep you cool.

When it comes down to it your best bet to avoid mosquitoes is to wear lighter colors and get mosquito treatment for your property.